Few words about Coin Master game

Coin Master Game is the combination of slot and nation building game, the Game developer has cleverly mixed this concept, and they have blended the right combination. Players irrespective of their age love this game and keep on spin the wheel for game resources. We have made some pro and cons for Coin Master which is worth looking for, check out our review on Coin Master Game.

The gameplay is pretty simple. It is all about spinning the wheel and winning several items like weapons, shields and coins. Each item has its importance. Your progress in the game depends on the result of the wheel spin. You also have an option to purchase different items in case you want don’t want to wait to win it via wheel spin.
As a player, you have an option to select your avatar and keep a username for yourself to be identified. You can also use connect Facebook account with the game. While doing so, you will have an opportunity to compete with your Facebook friends.
The game starts with 75000 coins in your profile. Then you buy a village to take care of which costs around 60000 coins. You will upgrade your village with different items that you will win. Each time that you upgrade something, you will be awarded one start. After getting 20 stars, you will be allowed to move to another village.
In the start of the game, you have a limited number of spins. However, you keep collecting more spins as the game advances. You use these spins on a virtual slot machine. Every spin results in different rewards. The items that you will win from the spins are used to attack and raid the villages of other players. You loot their coins and destroy their villages.

Few tips:
Play the game daily.
Keep inviting your Facebook friends.
Use the shield to keep your village saved as a soon as you win it.
Sometimes, completing a card set will reward you with a pet. These pets help you by increasing the rewards for various activities.
Keep an eye on events and offers. Read more: Coin Master Hack Spins

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